Your guide to financial freedom.
Getting off the grid

The 'Getting off the grid'-illusion.

World Economy

The world economy - watching an accident in slow motion

Debt Supercycle: world debt at all time high.
Why you should know your credit score.
Money Saving Tips

Knowing your credit score is important, Here's why.

World Economy

Could the next Bitcoin lead to a bank-free society?

The Next Bitcoin
Retirement questions: how much do you need.
Money principles

How much do you need to retire?


Why I love exchange traded funds.

Exchange traded funds are awesome.


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Why MoneyGuide?

Let's Face it... The financial world out there can be a scary place these days!

Hardly a day goes by without some bad news about the South African economy or the global economy. Sometimes it even seems that there are too many expert opinions and conflicting information out there for you to make informed financial decisions! And these days, making the right financial decisions are more important than ever.

So here at MoneyGuide we decided to do something about it...

MoneyGuide has all the resources you need in order to not only survive, but also thrive in this economy. For this reason, we aim to provide you with all the knowledge and tools to guide you through the various stages and financial challenges of life so that you can prosper financially.

We are here to help YOU!

At MoneyGuide, you will find opinions on money matters by industry experts that will give you new insights into current affairs.

Various interactive tools will assist you in your decision-making process to enable you to make the best financial choices possible.One of our non-negotiable commitments here at MoneyGuide is always to partner with industry experts who we believe are the best in the industry. Rest assured that when we endorse someone, you can trust them too.

We understand that the subject of money can be a boring one, so we will also try to make it as fun as possible along the way!So feel free to start exploring MoneyGuide and start your journey to financial freedom today!

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